One who is prayed in aid.

It’s a good idea to put definitions down for most of the titles of my books because I’m not sure if these words exist in common spoken languages. I have issues saying this word and honestly it’s because it sounds like it should, prairie.

This is a novel that is presenting a story that is close and imprinted on me. it’s my own story with a source of mysticism. A draft of this novel has been lingering around on my laptop for years. Maybe not as long as Bahramdipity, but it’s been in my consciousness for some time rent free.

The story is how change is understood by a young girl, by nature that consumes her and by the world that holds them all. Change of neighborhood, of family, how the narrative she knew once as a child changed when she became the sister role, the role of caretaker of the animals, and her role assigned to her by the Prairie Winds. It’s not an explicit novel, it’s really a true young adult novel and I’m hoping to keep it in that genre.

I plan on writing the chapters of Prayee first through here and then seeking out a publishing house for the novel.

Give it some time and you’ll start seeing a few chapters popping up.